Saturday, July 11, 2009

Central Station in Dortmund | BRT

The design for the new Central Station in Dortmund departs from the conventional notion of rail terminals. In their concept, the planners have created a building as an organism, which combines traditional as well as new uses. The building combines road and rail transport with shopping and entertainment uses on eight levels, within a striking form: the station is round. The building – 240m in diameter – is dominated by the 30m high semi-circular station concourse. The station visitors can gaze through the glazed facades, to the panorama of the city centre to the south. In the lower levels of the complex cars (Level 1) and trains (Level 2) circulate, with the mall, with shops, restaurants, an aquarium, and a concert hall, located directly above.

location: Dortmund
client: WestProjekt & Consult, Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank Gruppe
competition: 1997, 1st prize
use: multi-theme-centre, railway station
area: 255,265 sqm
BRT Website
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