Friday, July 10, 2009

Denizli Municipality,Denizli, Turkey | Superpool

The landscape of the Denizli Municipality Headquarters is designed as a series of public meeting spaces. In this landscape of urban interaction, the role of the building is to define a zone of enclosures; the main entrance, foyer, city parliament, auditorium, exhibition hall, and library.

These spaces of public representation are the ornaments of the building, which is intentionally kept simple in its mass; a 20 m wide bar optimized for office environments with natural light.

Thus the proposal is an attempt to create monumentality not through architectural detailing but through programming and exposure of the ‘ground’ level; the most accessible therefore important part of any building.

The aim is incorporating the life of the city’s most vital plaza with its most vital function, self-governing.


Selva Gürdoğan, Gregers Tang Thomsen, Marta Marszal, Jonathan Alexander, Yasemin Darbaz, Carsten Dittus, Matthias Jacob, Rance Mok

Type: Competition

Size: 29.700 m2

Collaborators: APCB, AKIM, Esan Muhendislik

Location: Denizli, Turkey

Status: Settled

Text and images from:Superpool
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