Sunday, June 28, 2009

School Design Idea-Community School in Leiden North | VENHOEVENCS

Community School in Leiden North

Location: Surinamestraat, Leiden
Programme: community school with four primary schools, gym rooms, common rooms, central square, after school childcare, auditorium, library, playgroups, youth & family centre, local facilities (10,300 m2), covered parking (3,200m2), owner- occupied properties (7,650 m2), starter homes (1,850 m2) and care homes (3,150 m2)
Assignment: urban development design, schematic design, design development, specifications, detail drawings and aesthetic direction
Client: Municipality of Leiden, Ons Doel
Surface area: 26,150 m2 gross floor area
Building costs: € 24,500,000 (including systems, not including VAT)Start design process: March 2006
Construction completion: end of 2010

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