Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sarajevo Concert Hall | dZO Architecture

Open assembly of receptive surfaces: it is by geological continuity that the building integrates itself in the site, a preliminary topographical alteration that allows public service spaces to slide from underneath (lower lobby access, cafeteria and library) to above (the restaurant) of the natural ground level. The double fa├žade in etched glass is conceived as a filter, a superposition of two grids of horizontal lines that mask and blur the complex relations of the interior surfaces, ephemeralizing them. This spectral logic is reinforced by the architectural definition itself of these elements. The translucent resin surfaces, lighted from the interior, flow from the ramps to the wall, all up to the inner decorative panelling in the concert halls, creating surface tension and hierarchical contradictions. Never is a spatial limit whether between the performance hall and the ramps, or the ramps and the foyers-a simple limit. It doubles over itself, twisting, to become the space itself that is then limited, subtly, fading with light. In this way, continuities flow in inflection between the covering of the performance hall and the outer layer of ramps, from ceiling to floor.

Design team: dZO + Alessandro Carbone + Steeve Ray
Client: EU Commissions Comune di Roma - Zone Attive
Site: Sarajevo, Bosnie-Herzegovie
Program : main hall (1500 seats), secondary hall (500 seats), practice rooms (1170 m²), foyer (1800 m²), book shop (500 m²), offices (270m²)
Area: 8000m²
Provisional cost: 25 500 000 € HT
Engineers: Ove Arup

International Competition

Texts and images from: dZO Architecture

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