Sunday, June 14, 2009

Enclosure for African Apes | 'Wilhelma' Stuttgart | Hascher Jehle

building costs approx. 17.5 million EUR
start of construction 2008
completion 2010
floor area 2.529 sqm
The park-like character of the 'Wilhelma'-Zoo remains and will be continuing consequently. The conception of the scenery is being determined by two superior themes: the 'crest' and the 'forest'.
The 'crest': the area of the competition will be divided into two different areas; this fault also illustrates the partititions of the corral. Furthermore, the crest has been adjusted accordingly into the countryside. Thus, it can rather be percepted as part of the scenery than a house in its proper sense. Building and green have been attached together – the building becomes the topography of the park. This conception of a constructed countryside vitalizes the Wilhelma as a part of the Rosensteinpark.
Texts and images from: Hascher Jehle
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