Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bicentenary Cultural Center ,Buenos Aires ,Argentina, 2011 | B4FS

First Prize,International Competition

Program:Cultural Center, Symphony Hall, Chamber Music Theatre, Museum, Temporary Exhibitions Rooms, Auditoriums/Movie Theatres,
Area:110,000 m2

Placed in the political and cultural center of Argentina,the Post and Telegraph Palace, aNational listed Monument, will be entirely refurbished and converted into the new Bicentenary Cultural Center.
Winner between more than forty international proposals, the project combines avant-garde architectural programmes with a meticulous restauration work.
This project intends tu use the new cultural center as a Central piece to transform the area into a cultural-oriented hub.
The ground floor is a wide open space functionning as a sort of cultural corridor. This opening will make the building become a vibrant, permeable, full-of-life facility.
The noble area will be refurbished to host the cultural activities whereas the industrial area is partially emptied to house the new architectural programms: the symphony hall, the chamber music theatre and the exhibition areas.
The recovery of the dome will allow its use for cultural activities and as a panoramic point of view, becoming one of the most emblematic points of the Cultural Center.
Images and texts from: B4FS
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