Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cedar Road Hostel,Clapham,UK | Peter Barber Architects Ltd

Cedars Road

(For St Mungo's Association)

Cedars Road Annex is a "stepping stone" facility located to the rear of an existing homeless hostel in Clapham. It provides dayrooms, a kitchen, counselling rooms and studio flats all with south views across the beautiful lawned gardens.

The new building is an expressive sculptural form made from a single ribbon of structure which folds back on itself to create the floors and primary spaces.

“Gazing out from the front deck into the sunshine, and with a wild overgrown garden laid out before you – drugs or no drugs, there are probably few places you’d rather be.”Jan-Carlos Kucharek, The Riba Journal, August 2007.

Text and images:Peter Barber Architects Ltd
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