Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prisma Engineering Headquarter | Splitterwerk

Reflection. The reception is a three-, closed atrium and is trained from the top with a few individual naturally exposed glass surfaces. The central atrium is published by the light reflections of homogeneous silver coating taghell. From here, engineering offices, meeting rooms, social rooms, administration and facilities management, as well as the PrĂ¼fhalle on the ground floor by lift, side staircase and galleries opened.

Landscape. The atrium of each function from developed areas, as well as all individual and small group offices are in relation to their livestock and land to the extreme exposure minimiert.Die exposure area was in all the rooms in several windows broken, and to as many different directions, both when seated as well as when standing on their behalf. The surrounding area is divided into sections as shown framed.
This effect is reinforced even more by the respective areas assigned different landscape motifs from Styria - large-screen installations, works on all exterior walls as works of art archaic views of the countryside home of the founder offer. Together with the color of floor, walls, ceilings and furniture are quite different atmospheres created Micro. The real offices are transformed into countless independent and virtual image space.Splitterwerk
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