Thursday, May 14, 2009

National Library Of The Czech Republic | Christoph Kappeler

International Architectural Competition: 2006
Project scope: competition design
Project Size: 550,000 sq.ft.
Christoph Kapeller: design architect
Team: Jeff Birkmeyer, Kirsten Moore, Adriana Kapeller

The brief called for a modern research and public library and the National Archives at the edge of a large urban park. The design extends the public parkland onto the roof plate of the new library. The main library hall lies directly beneath the roof plate and it receives natural light from a series of triangular skylights. From the library roof rises the 200 feet tall tower that houses the National Archives. The parliament library and its reading room occupy the very top of the tower from where they will enjoy breathtaking views over the old city and the Prague castle.

Texts and images from:Christoph Kappeler
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