Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Palazzo del Cinema in Venice ,2005 | 5+1AA

The competition has a dual background. On the one hand the need for international visibility and expressiveness and compliance of the extraordinary richness of Venice-Lido. The answer to this dualism is a statement that it is a scandal to destroy the green of the Lido and think to compete with expressive and Casino Palazzo del Cinema. Venice is not an underdeveloped city. It needs no formal violence and abuse. So the theme of realism (CarrĂ ) states as a solution expressive exterior, where the earthy materiality of the hall is made with the richness of the Green Square Garden Cinema and Film, and the two buildings. On the other hand, the basement, which resolves all claims functionally, it's sensual, luxurious in its spaces: Dell'Ala uses the image of the dragonfly, stained glass window in the Great Hall of the park, the materials and images of the world of Cinema , gold, velvet, leather, in the Foyer, the ladder, in the Film Market in Bar
This response to the duality of the competition, is a unique compositional and perceptual, combining compliance and strength of expression, metaphysical realism and sensuality.
Original texts by 5+1AA translated by Design Ideas.
All images from :5+1AA
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