Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brockholes Wetland Museum Naturum Lancashire, England | Kjellander Sjöberg

International contest for a new natural museum for the region's natural wetlands and bird life. Program content is about 2000 meters for exhibitions, workshops and conferences with associated restaurant, cafe and shop for locally grown products. The place has a unique nature, but is in fact a former sand and gravel during gradual transformation. "Brock Holes Quarry" is a known destination for birdwatchers. The task was to design and create an integrated whole with the nature reserve visit facilities and walks in the area. Its basic concept is about movement in the landscape that continues into the building through created wetland exhibition diagonally up towards the restaurant outlook room, in contact with the surroundings.
Admission to the museum is the bottom in a glastub, from the reception can be reached at the building's various utsällningsdelar via a through-sloping ramp that move in zig-zag between different program areas. Utstansade holes through the volume creates light atrium that provides contact with the ground vegetation and sky.
The movement continues up on the building's roof with outdoor seating, picnic area and outdoor classroom.

The building is under the program be self-sufficient energy from the perspective of low pressure on natural, zero-carbon ', that is carbon neutral. Its strategies for sustainability and sustainable design is based on the English concepts: Impact Management, Demand Management and Cultivating awareness. Sustainability design: John Manoocheri

The competition was initiated by Lancashire Wildlife Trust and the Forestry Commission.
Original text in Swedish translated by Design Ideas.
Images from:Kjellander Sjöberg
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