Thursday, May 21, 2009

Michelin Campus RDI | Mario Cucinella

Groupe Michelin held an international competition for a new 39,450m2 research centre on their headquarters industrial site, Projet Urbaland - Site de Ladoux. MC A were one of four practices to make the final shortlist.
The linear building develops over 300m and bridges across the main site thoroughfare creating a new inhabited connection. Inside, a central full height space is like a dense urban street ‘la rue de la recherche’. The idea is that the architecture of the building reflects the fact that it is a place of creativity, scientific innovation and social interaction. All the offices and laboratories look into the central space that is both an architectural feature and a fundamental element of the environmental strategy. Above the atrium an active shading roof gives form to the building and filters light while producing solar energy. The workspaces are conceived as organic cells that are aggregated as necessary to give maximum efficiency and flexibility. The building is integrated into the industrial territory with a 34,500m2 landscaping plan.
Source: Mario Cucinella
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