Thursday, May 21, 2009

CITI Bank Private Office,Santiago,Chile | Cristóbal Fernández

Architect: Christopher C. Fernandez, Andres E. Mas
Associated Designers: Francisca Goycolea, Anita Dominguez
Collaborating Architect: Claudio Tapia
Enabled Size: 1457 m2
Builder: --
Structural Calculation: --
Lighting: --
Location: 500 Avenida El Bosque, Santiago, Chile
Year Project: --
Construction Year: --
Photographers: Nicholas Saieh, Daniela Vicuña

The assignment is to develop architectural interiors for New Investment Banking Citi Bank-Edwards, located on floors 1 and 2 of Building 500 El Bosque.

The proposal seeks to implement two projects in a new corporate image, with fine materials such as wood and travertine marble and granite taken prominence. Wanted to give the indoor warmth of natural lighting, creating a vertical permeability of the parameters through the perimeter spaces without losing the intimacy that requires each of these precincts.

Private Banking has a more traditional approach, the wood going to take a role in its materiality, is still looking for the transparency of the surrounding precincts, but in a more subtle, resulting in greater privacy in them.

The distribution center is a larger scale, indirect lighting creates a feeling of privacy requested by the user. Outwards wood blinds are available for control of mania and solar light and mix with the facade on the first floor, giving a unity to the project.
Source:Cristóbal Fernández
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