Friday, May 29, 2009

London Mosque Building| Mangera Yvars Architects

Location: Abbey Mills, West Ham, east London
Site: close proximity to London 2012 Olympic site

The project is for a new London Markaz - a multi-functional mosque with a school, offices, dedicated youth facilities, large dining and residential accommodation.

Quote from Mangera Yvars Architects re this London Mosque:
"In its simplest form the spatial arrangement of a mosque is governed by the Quibla or direction of prayer to Mecca and lines of ‘Saf’ for the congregation. A mosque is a directional field and the first mosques were simply lines drawn in the sand.
Our understanding of the mosque is drawn from ‘Hadith’ or interpretation of the Quran which we use as a methodology and the basis for the scheme. From Hadith, a mosque can be anywhere because, at the time of prayer, ‘The Whole Earth is a Mosque’
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