Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Hills Are Alive, Austrian Pavillion Expo Shanghai 2010 | wurfbaum dantas architects

Year: 2008/2009
Status: competition - runner-up
Location: Shanghai, China
Client: Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
Team: Ines Dantas, Florian Wurfbaum, Daniel Giordano, Pedro Ferreira, Ursula Frick, Thomas Grabner, Alexander Quixtner, Christian Boland. Int:Simon Benedikt, Julia Lindner, Irene Capellan.
Modelmaking: Tomo Ichikawa, Elias Walch, Christian Hammerl
Project partners: Expolab, Munich (de) - Aka Ingenieure, Munich (de) - Alpsolar, Innsbruck (at) - Malojer Baumanagement gmbh, Innsbruck (at) - lugitsch Ziviltechniker gmbh, Feldbach (at) - Bartenbach Lichtlabor, Innsbruck (at) - Ian Hutchinson, London (uk).

The project stands for a hetherotopy of Austria representing the path from a city to the top of a montain. The skin of this montain-inspired building is scripted according to the music. Inside the building the visitor goes through a musical composition combining all austrian musical styles.
Texts and images from:Wurfbaum Dantas Architects
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