Sunday, August 26, 2012

Performing Arts Center Design | Monterey Park Performing Arts Center | California | H Architecture

Monterey Park Performing Arts Center, MPPAC, is a mixed-use arts complex in Monterey Park, California with programs including a 3,000-seat performance hall, 5-star hotel, live/work condos, offices, a revolving restaurant and 400+ underground parking spaces. H’s design redefines the relationship among the performance hall, supporting programs and outdoor landscaped plaza, while articulating the beauty, harmony, and poetic movements from the artistry of diverse performing arts.

An elevated landscaped plaza, free from vehicular disturbance, allows easy pedestrian circulation among the various buildings, which mark the periphery of the site with double-skin mesh membrane exteriors. The continuous curvilinearity in the building placement not only creates a monolithic presence of the complex, but also provides visitors and residents optimum views toward downtown Los Angeles and the surrounding regions.

Also connecting the program is a continuous sloped roof, representing the trajectory gestures of a music conductor, which culminates over the performance hall. An infinity wall between the performing stage and the landscaped plaza transforms the hall into an indoor and outdoor theater offering an innovative audience experience.

Located 8 miles from downtown Los Angeles, MPPAC aims to become a complex which will serve the local Asian community and the southern California area as the epicenter for international pop culture and arts.......more
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