Monday, March 5, 2012

Science Centre | Block 39 | Belgrade | Serbia | Eric Owen Moss

The competition site area is on Block 39 in New Belgrade. Block 39 is roughly 350 meters by 350 meters and will become a science and arts campus.
The new Centre for the Promotion of Science building is conceived as a flexible elongated circulation/exhibition space. The building wraps around three existing depressions on the land. These depressions are then transformed into outdoor exhibition areas and a pond adjacent to the south entrance to the building.
Pedestrian paths run from north-to-south and east-to-west connecting the building to bus stops on the surrounding streets. Pedestrians can walk through the north and south lobbies of the new building as they walk across the site. A large plaza adjacent to the only existing hill on the site will become the main gathering space for visitors to the museum and buildings occupants..........more
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