Monday, March 19, 2012

The Monueal Headquarter Building | Jeju | South Korea | H Architecture

The Monueal Headquarter Building in Jeju, South Korea required a futuristic yet practical design that incorporated several programs and different phases of construction.

The unique program included office, research and development, testing facilities, and dormitories. The Jeju context involves a rich cultural heritage as well as a strict code to avoid hindering the image of the beautiful, unique landscapes of the island.

The design stems from analysing the modern sleek products of Monueal as well as the client’s vision of a circular ‘spaceship’ like form. The result is a building shell pivoting around a central outdoor space. Each building revolves around the central space, being planned and developed in phases. The radial form is connected by a Digital Gallery where occupants can experience the Monueal brand and image.......more
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