Sunday, February 12, 2012

Civic Building Design | The Corby Cube | Corby | Northamptonshire | UK | Hawkins Brown

" The Corby Cube is truly a new paradigm for civic buildings in an age of austerity. The pressure to reduce expenditure has pushed Authorities to examine how they can rationalise their estates and deliver services more efficiently and effectively. The Corby Cube does just this.

We have worked on this ground-breaking project since 2004, having won in competition against Richard Rogers Partnership, Rafael Vin├Ály and Fielden Clegg Bradley. The Cube combines the functions of two buildings, an arts and civic centre, into one, providing a diverse range of services under one roof. This approach is sustainable in the holistic sense as Council services are consolidated to make the most of their reduced resources whilst redundant brownfield sites can be regenerated to create future development opportunities.
Our innovative approach has led to a building that everyone in Corby can be proud of. It demonstrates that world class public facilities can be sustainable and at the very heart of a community’s proactive regeneration, putting the ‘Cor’ back into Corby....."-Hawkins Brown
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