Saturday, December 24, 2011

Medical Faculty University Of Groningen | Groningen | The Netherlands | RAU

The Orthopaedic Institute wanted to erect a major building here to house its institute’s rooms and a main lecture hall with space for 450 students and with a large foyer, connected to the institute’s existing rooms. The new building would therefore have a “jointing” function in urban and programmatic terms as well.Behind the glass revolving doors of the entrance area, facing the university plaza, an airy space organised into 3 storeys developed, whose side walls partially consisted of the external walls of the existing developments. From the foyer, a single staircase leads to the two upper storeys, which house all the institutional rooms for orthopaedics. Within its two double arms, the first floor encircles an inner courtyard with garden, laid out on the roof of the lecture hall..........more
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