Sunday, August 28, 2011

Headquarters Design | Rossignol World Headquarters | Saint Jean de Moirans | France | Herault-Arnod Architectes

The image Rossignol, a historic leader of the ski, is closely tied to the mountains and snow. The project is for Rossignol's worldwide headquarters, far from the stereotypes of office buildings, refers to the nature and the peaks but also to technology, inseparable from the high performance sport. The land is located in the middle of a plain surrounded by mountains. A former agricultural field and marsh perfectly levelled, bordered on the north side by Highway Lyon / Grenoble. The architecture is tailored to Rossignol, it merges the functional and the imagination of the company in a radical expression and bare: it is based on the slides, the fluidity of movement, and also relief, snow and glaciers carved by the elements. The roof that covers the entire project is a topography in harmony with the landscape, its organic form covered with wood meets the profile of the mountains that surround the site........more
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