Monday, June 27, 2011

Mixed Development | Elbberg Campus Altona | Hamburg | ART Architekten

Situated between warehouses, industrial buildings, and green areas, the Elbberg Campus in Hamburg’s Großen Elbstraße, Altona, combines living, working and relaxation with another. The design is based upon the remains of existing buildings: newly designed offices, apartments and lofts are located within a newly designed park landscape, following the contours of the slope. New footpaths, staircases and terraces connect the areas above the Altonaer Balkon, to the harbour. The office building is is orientated towards the public spaces: the roof of the base of the building serves as an extensive terrace, offering a wonderful view over the harbour. Private and common areas within the complex are, on the one hand, clearly defined, and at the same time, harmoniously interwoven with a variety of architectural and lanscaping measures. With references to the Treppenviertel in Blankenese, the Elbberg Campus is a further element within the urban redevelopment plan for the Elbe embankment, to generate a mixed-use development area........more
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