Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finalist Mies van der Rohe Prize 2011 | Bronks Youth Theatre | MDMA

Out of a leaf of paper two holes are cut. What remains is turned inside through to create a 'horizontal piece of façade' in its middle. We call this horizontal façade the champagne bar. It is a step up to the café on top.OO7. The building consists of two halls, two holes in-between of which a central circulation shaft is situated. The staircase has the shape of a double [...]helix with swing doors (coated with mirrors) placed on every intermediate landing. We call it 'the septum'. It regulates the use of the halls in a myriad of ways.Suspension. We tried to make the halls, materialized in concrete, float and soar in light. Apart of the staircases, circulation 'around', consist for a large part out of ramps. They render a sense of detachment from the horizontal, the horizon.Street theatre: looking in through the big glass in the front façade, one is confronted with a ground level that is elevated one meter up to scene level............more
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