Thursday, April 7, 2011

Main library Deichman Oslo | Atelier Oslo

Main library Deichman Oslo is the new public library that will be in Bjørvika, as part of deichman axis. Library is building an environment where everything from exterior to interior meets stringent environmental standards.

In order to integrate into the Deichman axis Bjørbvikabebyggelsen and give buildings a human scale, building mass is divided into three volumes. A diagonal street is established to provide the opera better access from the east, and also creates two smaller plassrom in the area. The library is placed in the plot of the Opera Alley to create the shortest route to public transportation, and the best views of the city, the bay and the surrounding green hills. The building is made visible at the top of the building collars out, and announces his presence to the visitors who come from Railway Square and Central Station.

Large cuts in the facade marks the entrances on three sides of the building, and invites the audience in from all corners of the city. The same cuts allow passersby to see into and through the diagonal lines run in the library, and the various library environments. The library has a flexibility that allows it to absorb many future features, and divided into different audio zones.

The translucent facade diffuses the light and gives a soothing feeling to the interior. At night the building will glow and change appearance, and one can discern from the outside the different activities and events taking place inside the library.....more
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