Friday, April 15, 2011

Hospital Design | Landscape Hospital | International Hospital Design Competition | OfficeJarrik Ouburg

In order to break with the classical view of a hospital as a big anonymous building, there is a tendency at the moment to strip the hospital it to its ‘cure’ functions and decentralize ‘care’ programme like treatment centers. With an aging population and people having multiple diseases, a dispersed hospital may have a negative impact on the accessibility and functionality of a hospital. This proposal is an alternative for the hospital centralizing all ‘cure’ and ‘care’ in one building, stating that the size of a hospital is not the issue, it’s the way people experience the hospital.

The quality of the location, it’s size and surrounding greenery, led to the development of a new hospital typology. A terraced building whereby every patient will have his or her own front door connected to the landscape. A classical hospital experience with its labyrinth of endless corridors will be replaced by a stroll over a landscape leading directly to your relatives’ room.

The image of the hospital as a public building is enhanced by adding health related programme like a swimming pool, gym and contemplation space......more
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