Friday, March 11, 2011

Ingleburn Data Centre | MediaHub Australia | Sydney | Australia | Woodhead

MediaHub Australia’s data and program management centre is a new centralised facility for four television program carriers, reaching across Australasia and feeding over 300 stations. The concept brief provided Woodhead the opportunity to make an otherwise pragmatic space into a high tech experience of interconnecting functions. MediaHub Australia is a joint venture between ABC and Win Television, based in Ingleburn in the south west of greater Sydney. Data centres have many common features such as is found in airport buildings, office facilities and industrial buildings. These are within our office. Woodhead has drawn on key competencies found in airport buildings, office facilities and industrial buildings design and bring this knowledge to bear on the MediaHub project; adding value and alacrity to the design and delivery process. Understanding that data centres can have one or multiple users, and the need for future expansion and modular design is a primary planning achievement. The Central Apparatus Room is the data centre component of MediaHub’s operations. The sensitive coordination of the CRAC air conditioning and fire suppression services within floor and ceiling plenums, together with data cabling trays, ensure easy access for maintenance and future expansion. The Operations Centre’s requirement for multiple display screen positions and analysis of various competing sight lines. Our airport experience was vital for the setting out of the master presentation area.....more
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