Friday, March 25, 2011

Hugo Boss Industries Switzerland Office Building | Matteo Thun

In the greenery of Canton Ticino, a 3 stories office building with public areas and self service for 300 people: a transparent volume of glass, steel and concrete, enveloped in a wooden suspended structure. A symbolic facade as a metaphor for a clothes brand: a massive loom weaving the yarns of the corporate organization. A climate and comfort control device: materials, light and air feature a wide, flexible open space for maximum quality workplaces.....more

Client: Hugo Boss Industries Switzerland
Building use: Office building of three stories
Services provided: Architecture, Interior Design, Light Design, Landscaping
Public areas: Lounge, conference rooms, show room and self-service for 300 people
Total building area: 10.500 m2
Material: Glass, larch, concrete
Start date: 2005
End date: 2006
Phase: Completed
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