Saturday, January 8, 2011

Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art | MoCCA | Architecture W

" Our proposal for the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art was informed by the abstract nature of this medium. Through the juxtaposition of words and images these artist make the obscure clear and the absurd funny. In the spirit of this art form we looked to find new meaning and understanding in everyday objects and nature. The design is structured around three "service" cores. Wrapped around these is an organic "served" envelope that is shaped by the sun as much as the surrounding neighborhood. The skin of our museum is made up of 3,082 copies of a single "light cone" (part skin, part glass), rotated on a single axis to create the illusion of a pattern. The building requires that you engage with it. It allows for an interpretation of reality which puts our understanding of it into a new focus. In this way, the museum speaks to the very essence of cartoons, interpreted through the lanquage of architecture."......more
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