Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mining Hotel | Chile | AATA Arquitectos

El PEÑON. II Region, Chile.
Project: 2005
Implementation: 2006

Area: 2500m2 Set in the desert, this project based on containers is organized by groups that generate intermediate largest module, repetitive, consisting of five containers of bedrooms plus one bathroom. This allows improved light and temperature conditions both inside the bedroom and in common areas and also helps to reduce the energy consumption for heating and ventilation.
One challenge was to move the existing containers to the new building, while the slaughter continued to run 24 hours. Shipping containers were used on two floors. It has a capacity for 320 people with 16 modules bathrooms.
A canvas stretched on a steel frame ensures the shadow to support the high daytime temperatures, protection against the cold desert night, and good circulation of air despite strong winds......more
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