Monday, January 31, 2011

Hotel Gault Montréal, Québec | yh2

Hotel Gault is the result of the conversion of a commercial building in Old Montreal into a thirty-room hotel. Uncluttered by ostentation, the hotel is defined by spaciousness, light and the balance between the architectural features. Elements of the original structures are brought to the fore: a vast open space on the ground floor, with cast-iron columns and huge windows. The new vocation is expressed within the Second Empire style building in a pure, contemporary language in which the raw materials (steel, concrete, stucco and wood) are balanced with the original elements. The thirty rooms reflect as many variations on the theme of accommodation. They are a sort of architectural laboratory in which individual occupants can modify their space at will, using a series of mobile structural elements: folding screens, draperies, large sliding panels, furniture on casters. The rooms have an open plan, based on a concept of nested subspaces......more
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