Saturday, December 18, 2010

Office Interior By Wilson Architects | Brisbane | Australia

One of the most startling facts of the design is its modest exterior. From the street at first glance, the house and workers’ cottages, which have been joined to accommodate the practice’s expansion, look wholly domestic. The two-storey house is quintessentially a Queenslander at its core. A Mackintosh-esque design of leadlight glass windows was added during the post-fire rebuild, but ostensibly the bones are intact. The external feature of latticework, though a structural and recent addition, is visually consistent with traditional solutions for baffling the Queensland light, while discombobulating timelines through a slightly modernist interpretation of staggered parallels. It is in fact nothing more than painted stud work, but is entirely lovely. Visually, the workers’ cottages are
unchanged bar a gleaming whiteness to match the house and flat white window frosting, both of which negate any suspicion of a chintz interior.....more
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