Thursday, November 18, 2010

Concert Hall | Sinfonia Varsovia | Warsaw, Poland | Henn Studio B

The proposed masterplan and design for the Concert Hall aims to create an internationally recognised cultural destination for the city of Warsaw. A place dedicated to the performance, experience and promotion of the finest classical music. Based on the historical context, the new home for the Sinfonia Varsovia will become a place of unique identity unifying the past and the future. The Concert Hall is the heart of the new home for the Sinfonia Varsovia. It is geared towards ultimate performance. Therefore the architectural design is driven from the inside to the outside with the music as the point of origin. The Vineyard principle of the Concert Hall is truly informed by the physics of sound: Convex surfaces function to distribute sound in the best way. The undulating ribbons create two surface conditions. (1) The convex balustrades of the balconies that are oriented towards the orchestra to reflect sound. (2) The concave walls that are set back behind the audience. The curvature of the surfaces is designed to reflect the sound in an ideal way for both the listener and the musician and to assure maximum visibility of the stage. The interplay between the convex and concave surfaces composes a distinctive aesthetic quality resonating the beauty of music. The concert hall is embraced by an ellipsoidal envelope that widens towards the park to serve as the foyer. A continuous landscape of ramps and stairs leads people into the concert hall. The rising contours of the outer envelope create a lively and unforgettable spatial experience for the visitors. Spaciously glazed, the foyer expands into the park and becomes an integral part of the overall ensemble offering great views into the green. The scenery of the park and the surrounding buildings create a festive frame for the event.....more

Client: Sinfonia Varsovia
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Program: Concert Hall (1600 seats), rehearsal hall (400 seats), administration and music training area
Net Area: 15.000 sqm
Status: Competition 2010
Design Team: Daniel da Rocha, Martin Henn, Markus Jacobi, Klaus Ransmayr, Max Schwitalla
Acoustical Engineering: Müller-BBM
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