Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Aquarium of San Sebastian | Hoz Fontan Arquitectos

The Aquarium of San Sebastian is staying for more than 100 years in a building at the foot of Mount Urgull, one of the most visible areas of the bay from the shell.
It is an institution for its own building, while hallmark, had become an obstacle to their progress. Divided into two parts, the facilities built in recent years were developed in areas adjacent to the mountain, while the exhibition area was in a building in close contact with the sea.
Although united internally, they were divided by the stairs connecting the two levels of one of the most important trips of the city, the new promenade, which lost integrity to get to the Aquarium area, becoming a simple ladder reaching the port.
The facilities acquired in recent years should be redefined, the building that houses the exhibition, completely renovated, a public elevator would connect the two levels of the new tour and a new restaurant should be built on the roof of the existing building.

This strategy uses the peripheral components of the program to streamline the internal workings of the museum institution. The restaurant built in the current building housing the Aquarium ensures operation during construction, while defining a square where the tour again becomes a lookout over the bay of La Concha. The public elevator is part of the colonization of the low surrounding the Aquarium as areas of flow management in and out, allowing a total rethinking of the internal circulation of the building, and thus the museum experience.....more
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