Monday, October 18, 2010

The conversion of a World War Two bunker in the city of Duesseldorf | FRAMA Architects BDA

The architectural concept to deal with the relic of the World War Two bunker in Duesseldorf, proposes a great improvement to its present visually and urbanistically un-engaging condition. The simple architectural intervention is easily budgetable and can be realized in phases.

The proposal aims to rehabilitate the structure while providing the potential to transform the overall site into a vital public space within the city. The ground floor of the bunker is to be optimally opened to receive a minimal glass façade to elaborate on the pedestrian flow and the new surrounding plaza. A simple green net is to be slipped over the existing corrugated metal façade of the top floors, to facilitate an extensive vertical greening of the former urban eyesore, and provide a friendly green lung within the city.

The design commercially utilizes the remains of the groundfloor looking eastward to the main shopping street of Heyestrasse, and proposes a coffeehouse to utilize the dynamic qualities of the new plaza on the west side. This allows for limitless programmatic potentials on the top floors of the bunker, including simple self-storage or rehearsal rooms for musicians without further construction. Overall, with certain minimal refurbishment the bunker can be transformed into an art gallery, a club, or a music venue. Through a complete gutting of the upper floors and a glazed roof, a discreet space could be created for event rental or the possibility for large-scale public art installations.

Through this new iconography, the former derelict site has the potential to be transformed into a positive new landmark and a sociable urban center for the new plaza....more
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