Saturday, August 14, 2010

Student Works | Sofía Cárdenas | TU Delft | The Netherlands

The AR highlights 10 emerging architecture students from renowned architecture schools across the world.

Tutors: Axel Kilian, Arjan van Timmeren, Elixa Guse

A Sustainable Business Hub

In Dharavi, a densely populated area in the heart of Mumbai trapped in the circle of poverty and the informality of a progressing industry, a desired future vision is formulated. The result is the introduction of new elements as generators to provoke predetermined changes (Urban acupuncture). The first intervention is a node that will introduce quality to the area and connect Dharavi to unused economic potential. The concept of this project, which is dividedinto three key phases, is to organize the lucrative artisanal occupations to make them accessible to external users.

The macro phase creases reciprocity between design project and context. An intervention at the Mahim Creek and the Mithi River improves the existing environmental conditions, increasing productivity, stimulating incomes and to increase connectivity by introducing a boulevard.

The meso phase of the project establishes the design proposal. A bamboo bridge introduces consumers to the low tech icon called “Craft Tower” which works as a show room. A community centre is located on the inner flank of the bridge.

Finally, the micro phase zooms in to detail level. To understand the behavior of the structure a structural analyses based on a parametric module was developed (GC and DIANA). To research the behavior of the material a mechanical testing with bamboo and concrete was carried out and a prototype was build.

Images of the work here

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