Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Omiros One Architecture | J1 Residential Tower | Cornice in Abu Dhabi, UAE

This Biodynamic project is designed to generate energy through its envelope and geometry

The focus is placed on the overall geometry according to the energy concept and on the development of the building skin. The building consists of retail in the base of the tower, office spaces and a hotel with amenities located centrally and residential areas in the upper section of the tower. There is also a provision of underground car parking for 1.000 cars, which will be below the water table.

The design of the building is aggressively evocative and stands confident from all its adjoining neighbours’ as it tells a different story, that of responsibility, sustainability rather than stylish or symbolism.

The proposal intents to become a beacon of a confident, responsible, 21st Century UAE.
The clients’ brief was embraced by the O1a team as it was in line with our corporate philosophy and core values:
-Creating innovative, quality spaces for living, recreation and working that will enrich the quality of life of the end user, visitor and the wider community.
-Adding to the enjoyment, awareness and value of architecture through every project. -Maintaining a focus on sustainable solutions that will benefit the environment and future generations.
-Exploring and developing both traditional and unconventional building technologies for resource efficient, cost effective construction, of the highest quality possible to meet desired project outcomes. Commitment to Quality in Architecture - O1A has been producing leading edge architecture since 1986 and is committed to providing innovative architectural solutions through the continual development of our people and resources. Large or small, the same rigour is applied to the resolution of design and details for all our projects.

Sustainability - We understand the importance of living ethically and strive to create architecture that is respectful to the inheritance of future generations. Environmentally sustainable principles are applied to our designs wherever possible.
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