Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Densification of Milano | Studio Shift | 2010

Commissioned by the Architectural and Urban Forum (AUFO) of Milano with support from the Comune di Milano, this is one of twelve proposals located on the periphery of the historic city center offering conceptual solutions for the densification of Milano. Each proposal injects 25,000 inhabitants into the existing fabric of Milano for a total population increase of 300,000. The exhibition opens June 16, 2010 at the Politecnico di Milano.

Crafting a denser, sustainable Milan requires not only an understanding of the region’s history and agricultural roots but also consideration of a future in which natural resources are increasingly scarce. The Lombardy region, home to approximately one-sixth of all Italians and now the dominant industrial center, is responsible for the production of over one-third of the nation’s agricultural output. It is critical that this relationship between production and consumption is not only maintained but is also augmented through forward-thinking development strategies as the city continues to grow. As a major exporter of agricultural food products, increasing foreign demands will surely be placed on Italy’s capacity for production; in order to meet these ever-expanding external and internal needs while simultaneously coping with dwindling available arable land, new plains must be created and harvested.....more at studioshift
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