Sunday, September 6, 2009

New York Aquarium at Coney Island | Smith+Miller+Hawkins Arch-

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Text from the architect:

New York Aquarium Perimeter Vision Design.
Our proposal for the New York City Aquarium derives from a nuanced understanding of the impact of nature,technology and mass culture on the small stretch of sand that is Coney Island.
The project has two parts.
The Wave fence is multivalent surface surrounding the aquarium.The sandscape is an artificial dune concealing a parking garage below.
Like the aquarium itself both are technological versions of nature, luring visitors into the world of ocean, both aquarium and antlantic.

Location:Brooklyn, NY
Client:Wildlife Conservation Society, New York Aquarium, and New York City Economic Development Corporation

Collaborators:with Scape Landscape Architecture and Tillet Lighting Design

Architect:smith +miller+hawkins arch
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