Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Design Of Exhibition and Congress Center of Ávila | Ávila, Spain | Francisco Mangado

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During the project design the guiding principles were conceptual density, generosity in the way of occupying space, and exploitation of the topographical features of the site. The landscape studded with granite pieces, both formally and spatially, provided the references needed.

The design Municipal Congress and Exhibition Center is aimed at becoming a meeting place to celebrate different kinds of events, a levelled area or plaza at the edge of the walls. The main level of this area is designed to match up with the highest point of the plot, so that its extension generates a large interior void that shall house, without excavation, the required uses.

The building is designed to take up the northern side of the new public space, delimiting along with the walls the new square. In keeping with the contours of the site, the project combines two different geometries: the most orthogonal and elongated space contains the auditorium and main halls, while the most precipitous and uneven one contains the exhibition spaces.

Location: Ávila, Spain.
Total Area: 22.000m2
Competition: 1st Prize
Text and images from:Francisco Mangado
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