Monday, September 14, 2009

Invited competition for an open art storage and museum in Cologne Brauweiler | Urban Environments Architects & Stufe4

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The Schaumagazin Brauweiler by Mark Mückenheim and Frank Zeising is an art storage building that is open to the public.
Besides the open depots it also incorporates a large museum type exhibition space. The program was the guiding force for the concept of this fairly new building type: “Mies van der Rohe vs. Sir John Soane” - a Miesian hall, a “universal space”, that is surrounded by open cabinet spaces that refer to the famous exhibition layout in the Sir John Soane Museum in London.

This organization, much like a reading room surrounded by book stacks in a classic library layout, renders itself perfect fort he purposes of this museum.
Eighty percent of the building mass is organized underground therefore, the volumetric impact of the museum in the protected cloister garden in Brauweiler near Cologne, Germany is minimized.
The skin of the building is a high tech shell consisting of solar panels and tinted windows providing natural lighting inside the museum. This roof also generates enough energy to render the building as self-sufficient and CO2 neutral. The consequential black skin of the facetted geometry reflects its surrounding in ever changing ways, this refers poetically to the constant changes of the exhibitions inside the very flexible structure of the museum.

urban environments architects & Stufe4
Principals: Mark Mückenheim, Frank Zeising
Landscape: ClubL94 - Burkhard Wegener
Structure: Fuehrer, Kosch, Juerges Engineers - Prof. Winfried F. Führer, Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Kosch
HVAC: Ingenieurgemeinschaft TEN Trümper-Erpenbach-Nordhausen GmbH - Dipl.-Ing. Werner Hegemann
Building Physics: knp.bauphysik - Christoph Hämmerling
Artistical consultant: Mareike Foecking
Team: Rafael Drzymalla, Denise Stella
Model: Anikó Krén
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