Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Unique Boutique Hotel | The Azucar Hotel | Veracruz, Mexico

Named for the sugar cane grown in its home state of Veracruz, the Azucar was conceived by hotelier Carlos Couturier, founder of some of Mexico’s hippest resort properties. For the Acuzar he decided on an almost anti-design back-to-basics theme that finds its expression in an airy, breezy feeling. The hotel’s 20 low-slung bungalows, all in an intense white-on-white colour scheme, inspire visions of loose cotton clothing, sandals and the easiest of schedules.
The Azucar Hotel is reachable via two airports both in close proximity to the hotel. The airport of Veracruz is located to the south (approximately 2 and a half hours from the hotel). The Poza Rica airport located to the north is (approximately 1 and a half hours from the hotel).
A private Cessna plane (maximum capacity 4 people) is available for hire upon request.

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