Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paris Philharmonic Hall | Paris | Jean Nouvel

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Architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Designer: Jean Nouvel
Client: City of Paris ,Paris Philharmonic
Status:In Progress
Realization: 2012

Project Description:
The project involves the construction of a concert hall with 2400 seats, a center for training, exhibition spaces, meeting rooms for testing, a library and administrative offices.

"An architecture reflections, created by a calm relief, materialized from aluminum panels that create a graphics Esher.
This project in the words of Nouvel himself, which emphasizes the importance of harmony with the surrounding context . Harmony with the park of La Villette and the city of music, but also continuity with the choice of Bernard Tschumi, who overall design of the park with pavilions red metal known as "follies".

The concert hall - an area characterized by extreme flexibility - can accommodate up to 2400 people.
"The combination of acoustic principles, scenic and architectural - comments the author of the project - allowing the interplay between place and music, between the eye el'orecchio".

For the realization of the structure is expected to cost 200 million euros, which will be funded 45% by the Ministry of Culture edellä Communication, for another 45% by the City of Paris, and the remaining 10% by the Region Ile-de France.
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