Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nursery school in Covolo Pederobba, Treviso, Italy | c+s associati

The new project required an approach that con­sisted in re-writing the same however-fragile plots that have continued to preserve the mem­ory of the place, in anticipation of completing new portions of landscape while simultaneously forming mental landscapes in the minds of the children who live there. Walls and empty spaces. The new building forms an enclosure facing south-east, looking over wheat fields and vine­yards, embracing and allowing itself to be defined by the features of the landscape. A rough concrete wall is coloured to match the surrounding landscape, treated with split aggre­gate to reflect light in a variable manner depend­ing on its orientation. The building is its structure: a wall.
A wall that retracts and doubles, colouring itself to emphasize its passages, its thresholds.
Client: Pederobba municipality
Architects, management and art directors: C+S Associati, Carlo Cappai, Maria Alessandra Segantini
Structures and work supervision: Giandomenico Cocco, Tecnobrevetti s.r.l.
Floor area: 952 m2
Cost: 992.531,00 €
Photography: Carlo Cappai, Alessandra Chemollo
Winner of the honourable mention in the Gold Medal of Italian Architecture 2006
Special Mention in CittĂ  di Oderzo Prize 2006
Special Mention in Architettura e Colore Architectural Prize 2008
Text from c+s associati
Images from e-architect
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