Sunday, August 2, 2009

New University of Stockholm,Albano Campus | Stockholm | Christensen and Co Arkitekter

title: New University of Stockholm, 60,000 m²
Type: 1 premium invited international competition
Client: Akademiska Hus, Stockholm

The new Campus Albano is located immediately next to the archipelago areas and Hagaparken in the northern part of Stockholm. It will connect the two large universities Kungliga Tekniska Högskole and Stockholm University. This ambitious project brings together the various university functions in a coherent and distinctive vision, where all teaching rooms grouped in a dynamic landscape that folds up and down and connects all the essential levels of the new campus park. Above hovers almost circular institution buildings, all arranged around the single bright atrium that gives each individual institution's characteristic structural identity and creates the optimum opportunity for social contact across the length and breadth of students and researchers.

I judge the report states: "The jury finds that the proposal has great potential - it has a simple and clear overall grip, which unites both buildings and landscape - the striking round building creates a strong icon for the university and the project has a vibrant and playful character with interesting internal and external environments "
Images from Christensen and Co
Original text from Christensen and Co translated by Design Ideas
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