Thursday, August 13, 2009

Masterplan for the Ajman Marina Free Zone | Dubai | Rojkind Arquitectos

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Architect: Rojkind arquitectos
Agustin Pereyra
Moritz Melchert
Juan Carlos Vidals
Eugenio Villarreal
Client: City of Dubai
Design: 2007

Project Description:
The project proposes buildings of different heights, the highest structures is residential, while in the lower buildings are office spaces, businesses and more apartments.

The tallest buildings are the central icon of the masterplan. Easily recognizable even from a distance, and to become a new attraction for tourism.

"The architecture - comments the author of the project - faces the dual challenge of a bold proposal aesthetically but also rational in terms of functionality."
"We have also given importance - Michel Rojkind continues - the need for flexibility by concentrating the elements that characterize the identity of the project in the external part of the architecture in keeping the idea of simplicity and adaptability to different needs over time."

"The function of the lower elements is to integrate the experience of users both functional and aesthetic ones."

The creation of new pedestrian path to connect the main waterfront will also increase the commercial potential of the area.
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