Monday, August 3, 2009

High Coast nature centre | Sweden | White

The task for the competition was clear: To create a nature centre that acts as a gateway to the countryside, a building that sharpens the appetite for the main course.
“Our task was not to make the building the final destination, but rather to generate interest in continuing along the mountainside, visiting the famous cave halfway up to the peak or exploring Skuluskogen forest,” says Ulla Antonsson. “That’s why we were also careful to work in harmony with the existing surroundings. The visual impression should be on nature’s terms, not on the terms of the people erecting the building.”
In brief:
The Swedish word for nature centre, ‘naturum’, is a registered trademark owned by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Sweden’s first nature centre was opened in 1973, and there are now more than 40 such centres right across the country.

Photography:Johan Fowelin
Architects:( White )Mattias Lind and Ulla Antonsson
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