Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Furniture Design | SCI_Arc Boardroom Table | Emergent Architecture

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This Design is composed as two seperate parts- a highly articulated Table and a simple sliding glass wall defining the new space in the Kappe Library.

The Table, while functionally rectangular, is characterized by a radial patterning which is intended to spatially interconnect people sitting around it. This pattern exhibits both an open-ended cellularity and an emerging linear heirarchy, which delaminates downwards to become the ‘legs’ of the Table, and upwards to become relief for organizing books, water bottles, and flowers. The internal cavity defined by the table structure will be lit with red LEDs for atmospheric effect, in particular for evening meetings, dinners, and cocktail parties.

A power strip and cable tray will be located in the linear members of the pattern on both long sides of the Table. The construction of the Table will involve unfolding the 3-D geometry, CNC routing the parts in 1/8” aluminum sheet, spot-welding the parts together, finishing and auto painting.

The glass wall is intended to allow spatial continuity between the Kappe Library and the new Boardroom. It is hung on a 3-track system allowing 4’x10’ framed units to slide. These units will be made of a thin steel frame and tempered glass, and will be silkscreened with the individual names of members of the SCI_Arc Board of Directors, as well as Supporters of SCI_Arc, Distinguished Alumni, etc. These names will add to the simple, elegant atmosphere of the space and reflect the future of SCI_Arc as a stable, endowed institution.
Images and text from: Emergent
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