Friday, July 3, 2009

Park City Mixed Use Development | Taiwan | Xrange

The masterplan creates an 18Ha park in the heart of the old industrial municipality of NanKang, an area under rapid urban transformation as the terminus of Taiwan’s High Speed Rail system.

At one corner of the park, a 4Ha mix-used development of shopping, hotel and residential rises as a sinuous artificially contoured park-scape. The hilly architectural undulations sculpt “valleys” between its mass and the NanKang Mountains to its south.

The residential tower progresses from sprawling units with large overhanging landscape decks to high-rise units with internalized garden atriums.

The shopping podium is perforated with courtyards carved by its outdoor, elevated green street. On top sits the urban resort hotel with its own stepped mountain scape and extensive views of the mountains.

Landscape urbanism becomes the economic tool for the client to increase property values, with the extensive green environment as a development by-product.
scope: development concept, masterplan, architecture and landscape design

client: confidential
site: NanKang, Taipei
site area: 40,000㎡
total floor area: 122,000㎡
building cost: 30Million USD
design: 2008
Text and images:Xrange
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