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Palace of trade fairs and exhibitions in Malaga | Malaga,Spain | ASENJO

Palace of trade fairs and exhibitions in Malaga

Location: Malaga
Address: Avda Jose Ortega y Gasset, Malaga Ronda West
Project construction date: 2001
Completion Date: 2003
Client: Company M. Activities and Initiatives, Business Malaga (PROMALAGA)
Contributors: ESTEYCO S.A. (Structural Engineering), Goyma (Plant Engineering) KONDO ASSOC THEO. (Lighting)
Program: Exhibition Booths, Auditoriums, Conference Rooms, Offices, Restaurants, loading and unloading, Access, Patio Central, Facilities Maintenance and Control
Built surface: 62,000

EL PALACIO DE MALAGA trade fair and conference is a determined by the architecture, the search for a multi-container for tertiary activities related to the holding of trade fairs, congresses and exhibitions. With that, the city of Malaga strengthens its capital structure on the urban area of Costa del Sol, centralize the flow of economic, social and cultural life of that had historically remained outside.

Located next to the round West, one of the main streets of urban communication, this building has become, since the construction process, an inseparable part of the landscape of the city.

To ensure this versatility, the use of the building is fortified with specific spaces for the development of complementary, types of logistics, administrative, corporate, etc, all within the framework of new technologies, as well as being characteristic of this kinds of events such as the access and parking of vehicles, ensuring the proper functioning of this deployment, according to the major influx of visitors expected.

The project idea of the need for a flexible space in the adjustment of its facilities for any type of event-related trade shows and conferences at international level.

A container building is planned in two exhibition modules interconnected by a central courtyard, with the ability to turn into the third exhibition space, while allowing the operation of joint or separate modules.

To cover these areas are selected dynamic undulating shapes, irregular edges. The metal structure that supports serve as a skeleton that gives shape to the outer volume, as a light into the interior structure, in this way becomes a key element in the project, featuring the exhibition spaces by linear elements of great lyricism, in their undulating shapes formed by the overlap of thorns, to incorporate the theme of color in the interior spaces created by architecture.

This effort to characterize the architecture is done from the belief that the building has been configured as a single reference, in order to help consolidate the image of development, progress, technology ... Malaga which aims to portray in their environment.
The very nature of the building, understood as the result of two cover large areas covered by one set of rolling, was the germ from which the final set, finally resolved by a light cover of zinc exposure modules and boards titanium in the various volumes that make up the office tower.

The proposed solutions are already emerging in the early sketches infographics, focusing on the one hand the idea of architectural object, and secondly on the idea of technological sophistication, it is recognized that after the project by providing front-line, implemented by specialized engineering Esteyco Goyma structures and facilities.

Addressing this project has meant to the team website and Asenjo, redesign their usual working methods, to find a dynamic project according to the order, based on its unique nature and complex.

In a heterogeneous environment, with large doses of urban disorder, the building of the Palace of Fairs and congresses, it becomes a flagship computer growths can articulate your unique personality, forward planning is beginning to produce a around.
Images from ASENJO
Original Text by ASENJO translated by Design Ideas
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