Friday, July 17, 2009

Museum Design Ideas-l'Historial de la Vendée | Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne | Plan01

"Plan01 is a collective of 4 architectural offices in Paris ( Atelier du pont,BP,Koz,Phileas ) involving 10 architects and sharing a common workspace since 2004. Plan01 ia a laboratory of ideas and debates based on the pleasure of sharing experiences, exchanging point of view, questioning common sense.Doing architecture differently; to escape the profession's constraints and to imagine a world in which everybody would be familiar and ready to be involved with the built world. Plan 01 produces events,exhibits and books to talk about architecture. Pla01 also designs unique and atypic architectural projects."
One of the projects is l'Historial de la Vendée.

Client:Conseil General De Vendee

8 000 m² of vegetated roof
6 500 m² of floor area
3 100 m² exhibition
1000 square meters of windows
464 tons of steel for the frame
880 meters of movement technique on grill
19 hectares of natural spaces

On a surface of 8000 m², the vegetated roof is the hallmark of the Historial de la Vendée and is the fifth facade. It offers a triple to the building - sealed, provided through the overlay on the structure of a stainless steel, topped triangular steel bins in which were deposited carpet pre-grown plants in the Black Forest. The goal is not to have a grassy roof. It is for this reason that plant breeding based on the roof is composed of a mixture that gives the appearance of a prairie, thus reinforcing the general logic of integration of the building into the landscape by an imitation of natural ones .

But the Historial de la Vendée has another originality: it is the first museum french grill with a technique, like those found in the studios of television and film.

Images from Plan01
Text from Plan01 and historial.vendee official website translated by Design Ideas.
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